Our team

We are a group of students from various fields of study and from different European countries. Many of us went abroad with Erasmus or travelled through Europe by train. We came back as enthusiastic Europeans. At the same time, we have the feeling that too little is being done at the European level for climate protection. The European Green Deal is only worthwhile if the European programmes themselves become more sustainable. That is why we founded Erasmus by Train e.V. in January 2020.

map of Europe with locations of erasmusbytrain members

Carl, 26, The Hague

“Travelling by train means making the journey to your goal and, in passing, setting an example for the climate.

Felix, 28, Hamburg

Travelling by train is not only a way of getting around – it also allows me to rediscover the journey to my destination.

Hannah, 25, Mülheim a.d.R.

“Travelling by train allows me to see all of Europe without much effort.

Jonathan, 30, Bonn

Travel, experiencing Europe’s diversity and environmental protection must not remain contradictory.

Lennart, 25, Chemnitz

“You can travel by train from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, so you can also cross Europe.”

Merle, 28, Berlin

“Let’s tackle and think climate protection and European solidarity together – the only track for us all to prosper.”

Oliver, 24, Basel

“CO2 emissions, species extinction, droughts – as a natural scientist I can only say: Of course we have problems! Only together can we tackle them!”

Simon, 28, Zurich

“It is such a joy to travel through Europe by train. What easier way to reduce our footprint could there be?”

Tatjana, 23, Lund

Let’s be sane and replace the plane with traveling by train – for nature will remain and Europe is to gain.

Bea, 23, Cambridge
social media

“Taking the train and being able to protect the environment should be possible for everyone. Currently, a lot of people can’t afford this.”

Dominik, 27, Hannover

“Isn’t Europe just too small to get to be discovered by plane?”

David, 23, Berlin

“Traveling by train offers the most scenic route through Europe. Not only that, but it’s a relaxing and comfortable journey which offers the opportunity to meet new people.”

Elsa, 22, Brussels

“Why travel by plane when you could be on the right track – environmentally and visually – by taking the train? Don’t miss out on our beautiful countries!”

Johannes, 26, Berlin
Student Outreach

“Taking an overnight train and waking up in a different country is the best and should be possible for all Erasmus students.”

Gereon, 23, Reykjavík
Student support

“Travelling sustainably is not only expensive but it’s also complicated. Let’s make booking a European train journey as easy as booking a flight!”

Gretha, 25, Mainz

“Working at my uni’s international office, I see the huge potential an Erasmus by Train has to avoid emissions and to protect our beautiful planet.”

Alizée, 23, Paris

“Students are very aware of the necessity to reduce their impact on the planet while traveling. They just need a little help to start taking action”