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Here we collect a curated list of articles, podcasts and more in which we are featured.

We are feautured in the latest issue of the Ecosprinter, the online magazine of the Federation of Young European Greens. Our Tatjana published an article on transforming transport for true transitioning.

Article – Schengen Visa Info News

14th of May, 2021

Article with Schengen Visa Info News
Erasmus+ 2021-2027 Should Offer Free Interrail Tickets to Meet Sustainability Goals, NGO Recommends

Schengen Visa Info News discusses our recently published position paper on the Erasmus +Guidelines 2021 -2027.

“Erasmus by Train e.V. is calling on the EU to not limit its action to rewarding individual Erasmus students, opting for a more complex journey in terms of organization, but rather to work toward the provisioning of infrastructural and cultural incentives,” the group added.

You can find the full article here.

Article – Erudera College News

14th of May, 2021

Article with Erudera College News
Student-Led Organization Urges EU to Provide Free Interrail Tickets to Erasmus+ Participants

Erudera College News discusses our recently published position paper on the Erasmus +Guidelines 2021 -2027.

“The student organization’s representatives said that the proposed compensation of €50 and four-day individual support for travel costs would be insufficient to make up the difference between cheap flights and other ways of sustainable traveling.”

You can find the full article here.

Blog-Entry – Interview with Jonathan Hassel about Erasmus by Train e.V.

3rd of May, 2021

Blog-Entry with Nachtzug-Urlaub
Interview mit Jonathan Hassel”

Our Jonathan has spoken with Nachtzug-Urlaub, which now published the interview in German and Englisch (You will have to scroll down for the English version) . They spoke about our aims and goals, but also discussed general challenges in setting up a student-led inititiave.

“Embrace the adventure of slower, sustainable travel. As a student, you do most likely have time for a trip like this, and a trip by train with one or two exciting stops is more likely to stick in your memory than a two-hour flight on a cheap airline.”

Article – Erasmus + climate protection: by train through Europe

Picture by Felix Strohbach

14th of April, 2021

Article with Strohbonaut
Erasmus + climate protection: by train through Europe”

Our Tatjana has written an article for Strohbonaut. It is about travelling by train, its opportunities and obstacles and describes 5 sample routes through Europe that can be discovered.
Although the article is written in German.

“However, the issue of sustainability often tends to remain unconsidered. Around 75 percent of the more than 300,000 Erasmus students travelled by plane to their new adventure in 2019. In a context of global warming, rapid biodiversity loss and other climate change-related trends, the air travel behaviour of Erasmus students is problematic.”

Podcast – Change & Perspective

08th of March, 2021

Podcast with Change & Perspective (Kathrin David)
“By train across Europe – the most sustainable way to travel?”

Our Tatjana cooperated closely with the fantastic team of @give.grow.travel and produced a podcast and material for new online courses. The german podcast can alreday be found on most podcast apps by the title “Mit dem Zug durch Europa – die nachhaltigste Art zu reisen?” Stay tuned for news about the online courses.

“Sustainable travel is something you prepare for, something you are open to, and something you can live on for a while because it is such an intense experience.”

Article – ekologiskamag

Article with ekologiskamag
“Erasmus programme: Linking to an Interrail pass could save many emissions”

We would like to give you a little insight into the article that @mysustainableme wrote about us. Thanks again for the great cooperation. For us it is an important step to spread our idea further into the world and to reach and convince more and more people. 

“We are concerned that the high carbon footprint of the Erasmus+ programme increasingly runs counter to the positive contribution to personal development and the participants’ understanding of Europe.”